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Bring home a sophisticated
cocktail experience

Add intrigue to your next dinner party by smoking your own cocktails. Our hand crafted cocktail smoking boards make it easy and fun to add a rich, smoky flavour to your favourite cocktail with a dramatic presentation your guests won’t soon forget!

Smoking Saucer Kit

Introducing Our New Smoking Saucer Set


We first came out with our signature Old-Fashioned Smoking Boards, inspired by Antonio & Meredith’s creativity behind the bar @one18empire, with the help of Antonio’s grandfather’s woodworking expertise.

Our newest and stylish cocktail smoking tool is our Smoking Saucer Set! Effortlessly add a smokey, spirit-forward flavour to any of your favourite cocktails – creating a beautiful lake effect of aromatic smoke that is sure to impress.  

Simply place your Smoking Saucer on top of your delicious cocktail and pack the top bowl with one of our three signature alcohol-infused wood chips. Next, light it with a torch for up to 30 seconds. Watch as your smoke slowly pillows downwards, infusing every sip with an amazing, unique aroma.   

Want even more smokey flavour? We’ve also made it easier to create smoked cocktails at home by designing our Old Fashioned Smoking Kit! Each engraved kit contains all the classic aromatic woods, boutique maple syrup from Quebec, and handcrafted, locally made bitters. It also includes two round ice molds, a bar spoon, and a handcrafted wooden muddler.


Five simple steps to the most memorable cocktail experience

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Ready to make your very own smoked cocktail?

Just pick your size and you’re ready to start smoking!

Old-Fashioned Full Circle

Our original design, in use at One18Empire. A 19” circle with 5 woods, enough to smoke up to 2500 cocktails! Provides the most variety of flavour with cherry, hickory, maple, oak and walnut.

Old-Fashioned Half Circle

A smaller board, ideal for tight spaces. A 19” half-circle with 5 woods, enough to smoke up to 1500 cocktails. Same variety as our full circle (cherry, hickory, maple, oak and walnut), just half the size.

Home Bar Smoking Board

Designed for convenient storage, our rectangle includes the same 5 woods as our Old-Fashioned Circle and Half Circle boards. At 15 x 6″, it’s enough to smoke up to 850 cocktails.

Double Wood Small Circle

Short on space but big on choice? This board gives you variety at a smaller size of 10”. Choose from two contrasting combos: hickory/cherry or maple/oak. Good for 500 cocktails.

Single Wood Small Circle

Already have a favourite flavour? Choose a single wood for our 10” full circle, good for up to 500 smoked cocktails. Wood choices include cherry, hickory, maple, oak and walnut.

Custom Boards

Looking for a specific wood combination? Need a custom size or shape? Curious about bulk orders? We’re always up for a challenge. Send us a note so that we can discuss your custom order.

Level up your favourite cocktail, from beloved classics to brand new showstoppers.

Maple Canadian Manhattan

We The North
Whiskey Sour

Rob “Burns”

We are very proud to announce that we have partnered with One Tree Planted! (@onetreeplanted)

With every product sold, we will plant one tree on your behalf. Together, we are supporting the global reforestation effort!

Trees clean our air and water, create habitats for biodiversity contribute to our health and wellbeing, and create jobs for social impact.

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